Extend the Life of Your Mold and Mold Components

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Originally Aired - Thursday, March 31 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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Location: Mold Making Tech Talk Theater (Mold Making Pavilion)

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Title: Extend the Life of Your Mold and Mold Components


Learn how an engineered coating can protect your investment and extend it's life .


Every mold builder is pressured to complete a mold build in record time in today's world. Now you hit your target delivery date and then thrown a curveball. Anything from a resin change to turning that prototype mold into a production mold. Things to consider that can be cost-effective and have added protection. How about taking that soft mold component such as soft H-13, Aluminum, or Moldmax from a mid-30 Rockwell C hardness to a 54 or 57 Rockwell C hardness? You can do that with an engineered coating such as Nibore (Nickel Boron Nitride) or Diamond EN (Nickel with Nanosize diamonds dispersed). Now you have added abrasion and wear protection. For example, the mold was built to run straight nylon and after the engineering change, it is going to run with nylon with 35% glass filled. Let the coating protect your mold and stand up to the abuse. 

Type: Mold Making Tech Talks